Kevan Hall exudes a quiet and unassuming elegance much like the beautiful clothes he’s designed. I found Kevan to be very passionate about his work and very humble as well. I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a conversation with Detroit Native and Fashion Designer Kevan Hall, who was in Detroit to serve as the keynote speaker for the Detroit Garment Guild’s annual Fashion Speak 2015 conference. Kevan Hall was excited to be back in his hometown, Detroit, MI as it’s currently going through a resurgence period. “It’s exciting to see what’s happening here and I’m thrilled to be here to share my knowledge that I have through my travels”, says Kevan.

Fashion Designer Kevan Hall and Karen Buscemi, founder of Detroit's Garment Guild at Fashion Speak 2015.

Fashion Designer Kevan Hall and Karen Buscemi, founder of Detroit's Garment Guild at Fashion Speak 2015.

Kevan Hall’s creations have been seen on the red carpet of the Emmys and Academy Awards. His glamorous haute couture gowns have been worn by A-listers such as Vanessa Williams, Salma Hayek, Celine Dion, Jill Scott, Vivica Fox and most recently the First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. His work has earned many prestigious awards, including the Peacock Award for Outstanding Fashion Design, Great American Designer award by the NAACP and Stylemaker of the Year by Life & Style Magazine.

Gowns worn by Vanessa Williams, Vivica Fox, Jordin Sparks, Edie Falco and Jill Scott. (From left to right)

Gowns worn by Vanessa Williams, Vivica Fox, Jordin Sparks, Edie Falco and Jill Scott. (From left to right)

Kevan’s interest in Fashion Design began very early before her knew what being a designer was. He began sketching by watching television shows such as Ed Sullivan & Soul Train and reimagining what the celebrities were wearing. Kevan found his passion for drawing with support and encouragement from his Mother and Father; so that by the time he entered the design curriculum at Cass Technical High School, he knew then that designing would be his passion.  Kevan Hall would go on to attend and graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. During his years at the Fashion Institute he traveled extensively through Europe visiting such design houses as Cardin, Dior and Givenchy which happens to be one of his favorite designers, it was here where his lifelong love of luxury and haute couture was once again rekindled.

Kevan Hall’s body of work is most impressive. The Kevan Hall Couture line launched in 1982 in Los Angeles was motivated by wanting women to look really great and to offer something couture with a young aesthetic look and feel.  Kevan was called to revive the legendary house of Halston in New York, as its design and creative director from Fall 1992 to Spring 2000. Kevan describes his time at Halston as an incredible opportunity, but not without controversy. Kevan was deemed as an outsider as he was not a part of the New York Fashion scene, but after the first collection there was no denying that he was the right man for the job.

In 2002, he launched his own signature, Kevan Hall Collection with a fashion philosophy that emphasizes purity of style, incomparable tailoring and sensuously draped streamlined silhouettes. When asked about his inspiration for designing Kevan talked about the “restraint of designing” and “knowing when you’ve done enough”.

Hall recently introduced The Kevan Hall Sport line with the vision of a woman being able to move from the golf course to the clubhouse. Longtime client Beth Depass came to Hall with the idea of starting a golf line because she wanted to look good on the golf course. The fabrics which are moisture wicking UV-protection and anti-bacterial all performance fabrics so they do all the things that sport clothes need to do says Hall. There are plans to expand the line into what’s known as Athleisure Wear. Kevan Hall Sport will be an elevated idea of the casual lifestyle so that you can look great while running those Saturday errands.

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Out of the many accomplishments Kevan Hall has achieved over time he is most proud of his family. He’s the father of two very bright and ambitious children, Asia & Evan. Hall spoke with pride as he recounted the Christmas Holiday when his children asked him to help them start a business. They felt they were getting old and needed to do something said Evan who was 14 at the time. That Christmas Hall gave them a box containing a list of fabric companies, factories and places that could supply printing. The following year Once Youth the t-shirt line was born. The Once Youth brand has now grown into a full line of t-shirts, hats, and other apparel items.

Kevan Hall is truly a gift to the fashion world, giving us glamorous, understated elegance for over 3 decades. Hall says the one thing that defines his success is that he’s still here!!