Meet The Woman Behind Knit Sew Fabulous, Lynette Hunter Halalay

Lynette Hunter Halalay of Knit Sew Fabulous

The first thing you’ll notice when meeting the strikingly beautiful Lynette Hunter Halalay is her gorgeous mane of grey hair. Her presence and mannerisms exude an air of grace and elegance from days gone by, yet she is refreshingly down to earth and makes everyone feel comfortable in her presence. Lynette Hunter Halalay is the driving force behind Knit Sew Fabulous, a line of lady’s unique knitwear items. Lynette designs and creates these beautiful pieces by machine and hand. She has built a loyal following of fashionista’s near and far who give high praise to her one of kind signature pieces and she’s done it all without having a traditional brick and mortar store. Lynette Halalay is a mobile artist who can be found at a variety of high profile events throughout Southeast Michigan. The Knit Sew Fabulous items can also be found in The Black Dress Company, a Metro Detroit boutique with whom she has built a solid relationship. Lynette loves the flexibility that being a mobile artist brings. “I’m able to meet a diverse clientele on a continuous basis.” She does admit that there are times when she would like to have space of her own, but this has not stopped her from building relationships with her clients.

My Mother was my biggest fan, always encouraging me. She would tell me just make sure you have enough money to get home”

Lynette Halalay, a native Detroiter, whose love of fashion began at an early age, learning how to knit, sew, and crochet while spending summers with an aunt in St. Louis. There they would often put on fashion shows featuring the items that were made. Keeping idle hands and minds busy was her aunts purpose. Lynette would go on to study tailoring & fashion design while attending Murray Wright High School. Lynnette’s love for fashion would be further fueled by the church fashion shows and particularly on Easter Sunday in which all the children would be dressed in their best Easter outfits for the traditional walk through. After graduating Murray Wright High School Lynette attended Wayne State University to study art history and fashion merchandising where, she soon realized that her passion was not there. Lynette would soon take a job in retail while modeling around Detroit before making her move to New York City where she would find work as a show room and run way model and would eventually find her way to Milan, Italy where she continued her modeling career. Living and working in Milan would prove to be an exciting challenge as Lynette would also find a position teaching English as second language in between modeling assignments.


Beige Infinity Knit Scarf from Knit Sew Fabulous

Model: Madison Hunter

Photographer: Chris Stranad Photography

Knit Sew Fabulous created in 2010 came to fruition with a simple request from her son CJ for a pair of knitted socks and the rest is history. The name Knit Sew Fabulous was also created by her son CJ who she proudly refers to as her chief marketing officer. When asked about her design inspiration, “The designs come from items that I need my closet.” Lynette’s approach to the Knit Sew Fabulous line are pieces that are easy to wear, versatile and flattering to the figure. Many of her designs can create multiple looks. Having shopped in New York and Milan has also been an inspiration for many of her designs. Lynette is also inspired by other knit brands such St. John Knitwear. Lynette Halalay is a self-taught machine knitter having purchased her first machine from a woman in Florida and ultimately purchasing a second machine which increased her production. She readily jokes that everyone received a scarf for Christmas that particular year. All the while learning how to repair and maintain the newly purchased machines.

Mongolian Faux Fur Jacket by Knit Sew Fabulous

Mongolian Faux Fur Jacket by Knit Sew Fabulous

While not one to follow trends Lynette is always looking for ways to keep the Knit Sew Fabulous brand fresh, but unique at the same time. Under the Knit Sew Fabulous umbrella is a line called Green Lennie. Lynette describes the Green Lennie line as youthful, fun & edgy. It takes her back to her youth when she recreated garments to fit her during that time. Made from repurposed materials the Green Lennie line has a funky “altered-couture” look and feel. Lynette has also begun to experiment with designing with a number of different fabrics including leather and faux fur.

Lynette’s vision for Knit Sew Fabulous includes being to have her items available in more boutiques, as well as, having a studio to house a team of knitters to create her one of a kind designs. The idea would be to hire those who may have difficulty finding traditional employment. Lynette also has a vision of having Knit Sew Fabulous sales representatives who would be trained to sell her knitwear line.

Green Lennie Knit Dress made from Repurpose Rayon Cord

Green Lennie Knit Dress made from Repurpose Rayon Cord

Lynette has a vision of designing for Oprah Winfrey. “Oprah is a Knit Sew Fabulous lady and she doesn’t even know it”. I asked Lynette who is the Knit Sew Fabulous woman? “The Knit Sew Fabulous Woman is a follower of the arts, a cultured lady who realizes the power in being unique. The Knit Sew Fabulous Woman is comfortable in her own skin,” says Lynette.

Purple Faux Fur Vest, Knit Sew Fabulous   

Purple Faux Fur Vest, Knit Sew Fabulous


More information on Lynette Halalay and her Knit Sew Fabulous line can be found on Facebook or by contacting her at 248-877-5334.




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