When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It’s about the reestablishment of the gentleman.”- Dhani Jones, Former NFL player


Bruce E. Davis is the Founder, CEO & Creative Designer at Beau Dillion Custom Made Bow Ties. Bruce E. Davis, is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology holding a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in fashion design. Upon meeting Mr. Bruce Davis, he immediately reminded me of a time when men always wore hats & ties. He was sporting one of his signature bow ties and while we talked I could hear the passion in his voice as he spoke about his custom bow ties.  Bruce Davis is a man on a mission to revolutionize the bow tie industry. I sat down with Bruce to find out what makes a Beau Dillion Bow Tie special.

Sewing is in the dna of Bruce’s family, he grew up watching his Mother make dresses for his little sister from patterns that came in the daily newspaper. Bruce’s gift for creating began at the age of 11 when he would frequently reconstruct his own garments as they weren’t quite up to his high fashion standards. While Bruce’s older brother was in tailoring class in high school he would receive the attention of peers and even older teens about the garments he created and wore. Bruce realized that he could possibly make a living by doing what seem to come to him very naturally. Once Bruce got to Northeastern High School he enrolled in the trade tailoring classes throughout his high school career. While at Northeastern High School Bruce learned how to properly construct male and female garments. Upon graduating Bruce took a different path and attended Wiley College in Marshall, TX with plans of becoming a baseball player, but that wasn’t where his true passion lived. Upon returning back to Michigan he began working in the auto industry. But designing would never be far from his heart as he was still experimenting with the construction of various garments.  With the collapse of the auto industry in 2008 Bruce saw this as an opportunity to be reunited with his one true passion; fashion design.  His enrollment at International Academy of Design and Technology would lay the foundation for Beau Dillion Custom Made Bow Ties.

Bruce’s interest in bow ties were the result of a challenge of sorts from a good friend, who questioned his fashion expertise while attending formal grand opening wearing an ascot while all the other gentlemen were wearing bow ties. Two days later he would see this same friend wearing one of his custom made designs and the rest was history.

Bruce began to establish his clientele base which also included national & international customers, as well as, several local stores that carried his bow ties.  

Bruce shared a pretty funny story about he chose the name Beau Dillion for his bow tie collection. It's a combination of a nickname given to him by his oldest brother when he was a youngster and a group of friends who added the name Dillion upon his return home from college, by announcing “Beau Dillion is back in town”.

A Beau Dillion Bow Tie stands out because of the care that Bruce puts into every bow tie. From the pattern drafting, to the fabrics that are used and the design knowledge that Bruce had attained over the years is what makes a Beau Dillion Bow Tie different and one the commands attention when you walk into a room wearing one. His love for creating different dimensions and elements shows in his work.

A Cravat which was the predecessor to the bow tie

A Cravat which was the predecessor to the bow tie

I asked Bruce what has been his biggest obstacle so far? Bruce indicates that his biggest challenge thus far has been trying to reach a more upscale clientele. He is sometimes frustrated when clients don’t understand the workmanship that goes into a handmade, high quality garment. Bruce is adamant that he will never sacrifice the quality of his bow ties for the sake of making a profit. Bruce is a man of great faith and he says he is blessed to be able to work out of the neighborhood where he grew up. His studio is located in an area known as Recovery Park.

I asked Bruce if he wasn’t designing and creating bow ties what would you be doing? “There is nothing that, under the sun, then making and constructing a bow tie, with any kind of fabric, there is nothing I would rather do.”

So Gentlemen if you want to take your style game to the next level, a Beau Dillion Custom Made Bow Tie will give you that unique touch you're looking for. After all it’s not just your average Beau.  For more info Bruce Davis can be reached at 313.414.2481 or Beau Dillion Custom Made Bow Ties can be purchased online at www.beaudillionbeauties.com