The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible.
— Hilman Curtis

Creating fashionable interiors for your home or office is what Walls of Virtue has been doing for over 20 years. Walls of Virtue formed in 1999 by the dynamic husband and wife team of Barbara Spencer-Johnson & Daryl Johnson, who are masters at bringing together “Illusion & Reality” by creating beautifully faux wall finishes that enhance any space. Walls of Virtue have been nationally recognized for their highly creative interior designs, having been a featured winner on HGTV’s Showhouse Showdown.  Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Barbara Spencer-Johnson from Walls of Virtue over a sumptuous brunch at The Beverly Hills Grill.

A former hair stylist and more specifically a color specialist Barbara realized that color transforms regardless of the medium from hair to walls; color is color. The name Walls of Virtue came to Barbara while sitting in church during a Virtuous Woman’s Tour. As Walls of Virtue grew it became a spiritual experience with each project that the company has taken on. Each project is handled with great care and sensitivity as Barbara channels the energy of her clients into each space. The Walls of Virtue is not just about the walls, it’s a transformation.

The interior design process begins with a consultation to earn a feel for the space and the client’s desires. As the clients sets the stage for their vision Barbara’s inspiration for her designs can come from just about anywhere. For example, as we were sitting in the restaurant the one thing that caught Barbara’s eye was a beautiful bottle of orange juice, in her mind she was visualizing something smoky grey with yellow hues going through it. The creative process begins with the ability to see things differently.  Once on a trip to Florida she saw a weathered surfboard that became an inspiration due to the texture and aesthetics of the board. Inspiration comes from daily life for Barbara.

While there’s no difference for Barbara in the creative process for home project versus a commercial space. Home projects are more intimate and clients are more detailed oriented when it comes to their living spaces. Barbara has become friends with many of her clients which in turn has created a loyal following for Walls of Virtue.   Commercial projects are a favorite for Barbara because of the exposure and the ability to see that space again once completed. Walls of Virtue work to cultivate a genuine relationship from start to finish in order to provide the most custom service and outstanding delivery for each and every home, office, business and any other space we are privileged to create inside.

Family is very important to Barbara so I had to ask her what is it like working with her husband on a daily basis. Barbara describes the working relationship with her husband Darryl as amazing. Barbara says, “He is the Yin to my Yang.” When problems arise Daryl is already there with direct knowledge of the problem, so that the couple can easily find solutions together. Team work really makes this dream work for Walls of Virtue.

When I asked Barbara if she could design a space for anyone living or no longer alive, it would be her sister who was no longer with her. She spoke of her sister with a great deal of love as she indicated that her sister never saw the work that she’s creating with Walls of Virtue. As I listened intently to how she described her sister I saw a vision in my mind of a very cosmopolitan, sophisticated free spirit who would have adored her sister’s designs.

If Barbara weren’t making magic at Walls of Virtue she would be on spiritual quest in helping others reach their true potential spiritually. As we continued to talk over a fabulous brunch Barbara also gave me some sound advice for pursuing my goals and I am truly inspired by her words.

Barbara says her greatest influence was her late Father. It was very important to her what he thought of her and upon his death Barbara overcame her smoking of cigarettes as way of honoring her Father.  Barbara’s Father also told her don’t have any regrets. She also indicates her husband Daryl is a great influence on her and to her. It matters to Barbara what he thinks and feels and how she is seen as his wife.  This feeling trickles down to her children and the loving home environment they have created. Family is always first and foremost in her life.

Barbara describes her happy place is when it’s free and flowing. When it feels like the wind is blowing on her face. Whatever it is, Barbara Spencer-Johnson is one happy woman living creatively and sharing her gifts with the world.

If you’re looking to create an exquisite environment that will breathe life into your residential or commercial space Walls of Virtue are the best in their field. The work speaks for itself!!  For more information, you can contact Walls of Virtue at (248) 595-7978 or




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