Fall is my absolute favorite season! The cool crisp air, the fallen leaves and not to mention the hot drinks give life when the temps are low. When God created Fall He must’ve had fashion in mind! However, summer is ideal due to the perfect weather, traveling and outside parties, but fall gives us the chance to flex our fashion prowess and get creative.  

Now there are tons of fall trends for you to catch hold of but I narrowed it down to 5 must-haves to keep you trendy and on point.



You see it on jeans, blouses, leather jackets, camo, dresses and skirts. Embroidery is everywhere and just about on everything. If you’re pretty crafty you can also DIY with either stitch or iron on methods. Either way, you'll be rocking florals in fall in no time flat.

Velvet Crush

…or crushed velvet, but either way I am crushing on this trend! Velvet had a sort of slow start up but in 2016 it took off and has made a grand return this season. Expect to see it grace embroidered booties, blazers, skirts and suits. If you want to level up your wardrobe with a bit of luxurious fabric and have someone rub on your arm and ask, “What is that velvet?!” then crushed velvet is the way to go!


Slogan T-shirts

To me slogan t-shirts have and will always be in style, but they seemed to have been all the rage at Fashion Week like they were some new kind of discovery. Any who, these little fashion staples are something you can dress up or down with a blazer or bomber.


Pair a statement t-shirt with ripped jeans, a pleated skirt or wide leg pants for casual events or a night out with the girls. They’re great if you want to communicate a cause, a political statement (get ready to piss somebody off) or even something hilarious…. Go ahead and let your t-shirt do all the talking; just be ready to back it up.  

Frayed Jeans

The jeans that were once thought of as bummy or raggedy are now a trendy item.  Interesting hems have popped up from Target to Neiman Marcus in stretchy, blended fabrics or premium denim. If you’re not too risky start off with a cuffed hem with a few distressed cuts to give your wardrobe some flare. However if you’re a fashion maverick then go for the gusto and let it rip! (Pun intended)


Padded Blazers

Remember Dynasty when all the fashion included broad shoulders that you could sit a vase on? Well it’s now reincarnated in blazers but not as pronounced as it once was. This structure look can be either paired with jeans or with a suit to give you a polished and professional look. Just try to keep it subtle so you’re not looking like a walking coat rack or you play for the Detroit Lions.

So now you’re up to date and in the know with some of the many must haves for your fall wardrobe. Now I always say practice your own fashion style and please do not try to be something that you’re not. Fashion is about self-expression so have fun, explore and experiment!

Photo cred: Google