SHANAY Holmes, singer-songwriter from London, UK brings a soulful, enigmatic tune to the board with her new song “Time," part of her debut EP.  It’s orchestral melodies, and haunting soundscapes make her sound nonpareil.

It’s unusual to hear so much operatic quality in this modern day's music, but SHANAY has mastered this experiment. In our interview together she remarked, “It’s important to capture live music in my songs. I love being on stage with the musicians, and I wanted to capture that in my EP.”

Music has been a major influence in her life since childhood. “I’ve always loved music ever since I can remember… I found it fascinating. Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey influenced me a lot. My mom was a lover of music, dad was a DJ.”

The newest single is captivating; it’s lyrics and peculiar amalgamation of instrumental, alternative R&B, and soul is something everyone should hear at least once. You’ll be dying for more SHANAY by the time the last word is sung.

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