“A feeling. A state of existence. A moment in time that we can all relate to,” Szjerdene finds an exemplary way to describe the essence of her music.

The East London born, singer-songwriter grew up surrounded by melodies.  It’s no shock that among her other various enjoyments, she has found a passion for writing music.  Inspired by the likes of Sade, Corinne Bailey Rae, Portishead, and the Beatles, soul rings out clear in her music, along with a fusion of electronic, pop, and R&B elements.  

She explained in our interview, “Life is the main inspiration.  Communication, body language, feelings, colour, light, sound.  You name it and it has probably influenced my perception and creation process in some way.  I love observing others and being a part of unique moments.”

Her music emits an ambient, raw quality containing droning string compositions, and beats. Her lyrics prove to be mesmeric. With her past secluded, music gems, Szjerdene’s new EP, “Paragon” releasing November 6, is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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