The Australian-Swiss songwriter, Anders has found music to be his life’s passion for as long as he can remember. Being given his first piano lesson when he was three, he made it clear that he has only known music ever since, although he doesn’t, as quoted, “share the same love and passion for the industry… I’m a musician, a singer, and I’ll be those things whether or not there’s a hype, a paycheck, or a legion of fans.”

Inspired by the likes of D’Angelo & Jeff Buckley, he said during our interview together, “They bridge the gap between being a musician, a human, and an artist.”

Being “outdoors, alone, with an acoustic guitar” is where he finds the spark to create his craft. Anders dedicates time and diligence for his art which is displayed when you listen to his music. It gives off a soothing, tranquil aura. While listening to the lyrics and melody, it’s effortless to get lost in his sound with feelings of tenderness and nostalgia.

Yet, when Anders was asked to describe his own music, he surprisingly explained “I have an issue with talking about music; for the same reason I have issues with talking about what one see's while standing atop a mountain, or what one feels while having sex. Whatever words you can conjure don't even come close to describing the experience; even if the mountain, the sex or the music isn't particularly amazing. People talk too much.”

Although Anders has not released much music, he has objectives to release new projects in 2016!