“Lyrics can come from anywhere, it’s important to use your imagination and use your empathy to imagine what life looks like from other perspectives. It can be very personal and then other times about a friend, or an imaginary person but with bits and pieces you grab from your own life and build out of it. There are no rules, write a lot and read a lot and you get somewhere. I do spend a lot of time perfecting lyrics, they are very important to me.”

Will Cuming, the Australian, virtuosic musician formally known as LANKS is heading into a new phase in his music career, although that comes as no shocker.

As he began his music career composing music at 10 years old, he went from studying jazz and classical music in college, to experimenting with electronic and pop. His music knowledge proves to be very eclectic. “There have been countless phases of music obsession that make me the musician I am now… My life is ultimately just defined by my musical phases,” LANKS said.

His music gives off a hazy, paradisaical atmosphere, with elements from all his studied genres fusing together to create a perfect balance of down-tempo, pop, and something uniquely his.

The Banquet EP released in 2015, his latest work, could be defined as an anomalous, alternative pop. “I suppose my music is a giant melting point of influences from everywhere… My music is essentially some kind of alt pop/electronic-ish with little splashes of all these other colours in there,” said LANKS.

With songs like “Hold Me Closer” and “Settle Down,” the EP attests to a promising future in his succeeding work. So make sure to watch out for his new single “Golden Age” dropping today, February 8.