The new mysterious Canadian duo, dvsn, has recently signed with OVO Sound and just dropped SEPT. 5TH, their debut album. Vocalist, Daniel Daley and the producer responsible for Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Nineteen85 have come together to make dvsn, a combination that might just be the next Bryson Tiller. They definitely have made something worth blowing up over, and becoming the new rage.

Finding this collaborative project was honestly like hitting the jackpot. It’s such a solid piece of work. This could quite literally be one of the best R&B albums of 2016 so far.

The songs flow from something you’d want to listen to on a warm summer night, driving with the windows down, or at a laid-back party to, quite frankly, in the bedroom. It emanates such good vibes, it’s something you can listen to all the time, and never tire of.

With the alike sound of other OVO Sound artists, e.g. Drake and PartyNextDoor, dvsn has an idiosyncratic talent for aptly describing sexual situations in a discreet, intoxicating style. Yet, the intricate album seems to delve deeper, telling a story of a frivolous romance maturing into more. The tracks journey from the risqué accounts in “With Me” and“In + Out,” to the telling of mistakes and the haunting loss of love as described in “Sept. 5” and “Hallucinations.” However, it ends in a subtle hint of maybe a love reconnected in “The Line,” the ballad ending to the album. Reading the lyrics in the record from start to finish is an interesting narrative, different from what might be acknowledged at first glance.

Ultimately, the alternative R&B album, with it’s submerged bass, falsetto peaks, and heady lyrics, didn’t disappoint, nor just fulfill, it surpassed.

Highlight Songs:

With me


Sept. 5th

In + Out

Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye cover)