Vicktor Taiwò creates a sound unparalleled. The classic telling of struggle is definitely not a new thing in the soul genre but he somehow makes it all his own. With just one EP under his belt, he has managed to create an atmosphere with his music that is enduring. His lyrics are in tune to the world, showcasing the troubles we see and live daily, and delivering it to his audience in a profound, deep-rooted manner.

The Nigerian-born singer writes of an unnamed girl, of innocence lost, of his view of the world. There’s palpable grief in his euphony. Accompanied with the haunting strings and reverberations in his songs, the end result is, to say the least, impactful.

That’s not to say that all the EP content is gold. Some songs seem to lack that intensity he harbors as is heard, and felt in “Digital Kids” and “Paradise Island.” That being said, for the first EP of a recent photographer-turned-singer, the virtuosity he exhibits is something that can’t be produced.. it just is. He has transferred his peculiar view through the lens to his music, and it shows.

Vicktor has already stamped his mark on the music world. The only potential place for him to go seems to be up.

Highlight Songs:

Digital Kids ft. Solomon

Paradise Island

On & On, Y’all Feel That? (Erykah Badu cover)