The Australian band, Mansionair, released their first EP, “Pick Me Up” in late 2015. Categorized as alternative EDM, their music displays sounds of affectionate, calming, laid back vibes. Mansionair lyrics are captivating; combined with their aesthetic sound, you can’t help but to feel enthralled by their exceptional music.

With up to three million listens on Soundcloud, it’s safe to say that Mansionair has something unique and distinctive up their sleeve. Their single “Pick Me Up” attracted a good deal of notice. The song gives off an alluring, tranquil vibe. In 2016, they released “Hold Me Down.”  Although the song can be perceived as almost upbeat, it has a melancholy, hopeful undertone to it.

Their simple compositions flawlessly supplement the effortless crooning of Jack Froggratt, vocalist of the trio band. With their two EPs integrated, an ideal playlist for an evening out at the park is created.

Whilst Mansionair has not released any new singles since the beginning of the year, I’m hopeful that they will continue to release gems.

See I get so pushed back when I ran laps inside of my head
Go out and put headphones on and wish you were here
— Pick Me Up

Highlight Songs:

Pick Me Up

Hold Me Down

Seasons (Future Islands cover)