A new Californian artist, Michl, has broken through the horizon. With not a lot known about the mysterious, faceless new-comer but his three singles released, he has left people interested and eagerly inquiring for more.

His 2015 debut track, “Kill Our Way to Heaven,” was graciously received in the indie world, soon climbing to almost 2 million listens on Soundcloud and YouTube alike. Influences of R&B and electronic fused through his poetic work, creating a compulsive down tempo pervaded by foregrounded beats. He sung of success and superficiality, perhaps in the business he’s venturing into.

His second single touched more on the basis of love unrecounted. “When You Loved Me Least” combines bittersweet lyrics and an atmospheric soundscape that leaves a resonating impact.

Now he’s come back with another release, sustaining what is slowly becoming a work of art. “Die Trying” is a breathtaking ballad, creating a quality that has not been seen by Michl before. It doesn’t disappoint. Shimmering pulses accompany his falsetto, lilting vocals. The outcome is easily captivating.

His singles are brilliant fragments, and I have a feeling they might just all come together, similar to his distinctive cover art, to produce a complex masterpiece.

We search alone
For golden crowns
Cause if we find it we’ll have it all to ourselves
— Kill Our Way to Heaven
Don’t follow me cause
I loved you most when you loved me least
— When You Loved Me Least

Highlight Songs:

Kill Our Way to Heaven

When You Loved me Least

Die Trying