“To live and breath music is all encompassing.” Dionne Bennett, the frontwoman for the futuristic jazz band, Slowly Rolling Camera, puts her passion for melodies into words. Ever since her early days, she recounts being “naturally drawn to wanting to discover new music and learn how harmonies were created.”

Dionne, pianist-composer Dave Stapleton, drummer Elliot Bennett and producer Deri Roberts crossed paths at their music college, originally working together in casual jazz groups, until their official merge in 2014. In our interview together, the vocalist, Dionne Bennett, described “it very organically came together as the four of us. It just felt like [the] right time, right place.” Comprised of the four members, the experimental, UK-based group has produced a unique sound that has been limitedly pioneered.

Their sound explores ranges of jazz, alternative, soul, and trip hop, among countless other subgenres; a brilliant amalgamation. Neither black nor white, the music has settled into an undefined grey matter that endlessly appeals to music lovers of broad taste. “As the music industry transforms... we like the idea of being hard to place. That’s what keeps it exciting,” she explained, describing the atmosphere they create as “epic in sound and scale, full of life and emotion with loads of energy."

Their 2014 debut album created fire, the sultry vocals and the raw ambiance producing an earthly, irresistible dynamic. The cinematic album flows effortlessly similarly to a rolling camera, vibrating beats and lingering drones encompassing the mesmeric soundscapes. Instruments including the piano and the horns are major components of their distinct sound.

“Our debut was very organic in the way it developed, which I liked about it,” she explained, but finally they’re coming back for a round two, a new album due to release this November. “The sound is more thought through and we're able to try new ideas whilst keeping our sound.” A sound that undoubtedly deserves to be explored.

Highlight Songs:

Fragile Ground




Slowly Rolling Camera


Dream A Life