Greetings my brothers and sisters! I am excited to have the opportunity to share with you 40yrs of research in metaphysics, music, ancient history, and holistic health. The study of these disciplines, and a lifelong commitment to seeking knowledge gave me insight and understanding about the human condition. 

Because of the activities of special interest groups, humans must prepare for the cataclysmic events that will come our way.  Information and knowledge is the key! Having knowledge of self, understanding the page of history we are in, and what it means to be human will be the ammunition we will need for the future! Music and the power of sound will be a important educational tool for the people on this planet! When something happens to the people.....something happens to the music!  When people experience injustice, economic hardship, war and sickness..... something happens to the music!  The term ''collective unconscious '' represents a pool of unconscious memory, experiences, and events of the past and present that we all are linked to!

Unconsciously we feel each others pain, sorrows, and happiness!  To various degrees, certain artist, writers, composers, actors, healers and modern day prophets tap into this realm and become vehicles to speak for the people. Marvin Gay's ''What's Going On" is an example of this principle and truth! What you know, and the reliability of what you know determines everything that will happen to you in this society.   A colossal drama began ages ago, (ancient history) and it's approaching it's climax! We are a vital part of that drama!

The power of music and sound has been recognized through out history. It affects your body, mind, and emotions. Sound causes changes in your body chemistry, blood pressure, breathing and digestion. Even sounds you can't hear affects you! Low frequency infrasonic sounds affect your internal organs and can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue! Your entire body is sensitive to sound! Sounds vibrate in different parts of the body. High tones will vibrate to the higher portions and on to the head. Loud low frequency vibrations and the beat of certain types of music affect the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces hormones that control the sexual responses of males and females. The low frequency vibrations vibrate in the lower parts of the body which makes these parts ''feel'' good! In Nazi Germany the government used music to create a state of mind in the German people! The power of sound! Yes I am excited!

Each issue of POLYPHONY will be a room or dimension that your mind, body, and soul can enter and resonate to! The staff, the articles, the interviews, and the images will connect you to a deeper aspect of your Soul! So get ready for the ride! Sharpen your eye, Tune your ear, So you will know what you see, Understand what you hear. SOUL TO SOUL

Submitted by the Wellness of the Body and Mind Correspondent: Phillip Chalk