Everyday of our lives we receive information of the seen and the unseen. Those who pay attention receive the reward of a warm summer day, a colorful autumn afternoon, a cold winters night, an exciting spring morning! The seasons acknowledge and remind us of a knowledge that is thousands of years old.....that time is not linear...but cyclic...it moves in repeated cycles!The seasons represent 4 aspects of time which is created by the earths rotation around the sun. Our ancestors knew that these 4 aspects of time carry a message and tell a story! The cycle that we are now in started December 21st...the date of the winter solstice, the first day of winter and the day of the longest night. There will be more and more light from now on. Winter is the time to get plenty of rest, good nutrition, relaxation, and sleep. The ancient Chinese say that in winter people should retire early at night and rise late in the morning....and wait for the rising sun. Winter is the coldest and darkest of seasons. It is time when living creatures go within. You must go within, you must stay warm, and contemplate on the meaning of life! It speaks so loud!

Much of nature is hiding in her roots during winter, gathering the energy to be reborn in the spring. It is wise that humans listen and observe nature and do the same. Nature is hiding in her roots during winter, gathering the energy to be reborn in the spring. This gathering of energy is important to us as well, brewing herbal roots and drinking lots of tea will warm the body and soothe the nerves. Soups are wonderful during the colder weather. Ginseng root is a fine general tonic and rejuvenate, but burdock, comfrey, ginger, licorice, and sarsaparilla roots are also traditional energizers. Vitally important to your health in winter, as in all seasons, is the balancing of the intake and output of your energy in the form of food, feelings, and work. You need proper rest and sleep, relaxation and play, to balance the activity, stress, and work in your life! Creating and maintaining cleanliness within and without is also important to stay healthy! The coming of each new season brings stress and change, illness can easily overtake you then. But illness itself gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your life......The key is to be aware , and consciously change with the season. Winter is a important time to feel what your inner changes are and respect the messages. So again, to stay in-balance with winter, stay warm, stay quiet, sleep well, look within....Avoid being over active, late nights and parties, lack of rest and sleep, and correct negative thought patterns...Think about what you think about!  Mind, Body, and Soul!