Autumn marks the beginning of a cycle of personal turning within; its first day, September 23rd, is the "equinox" day, when night's darkness equals the length of the day. After this, nights become longer than days, until the winter solstice, the longest night, on December 21st.

The days of seasonal change around the equinox are a perfect time to cleanse the body. It's time to clear away finished projects and open up to the inner wisdom that you can experience in activities like contemplation, writing, reading, and meditation. It is time to prepare for the depths of winter.

Preparation is the key to survival.... If you adapt yourself to the changes that come with the seasons, you will maintain health. It's the time to work on the ''internal'' climate... Emotions, feelings and thoughts to stay protected from the external climate. Maintaining a healthy state depends on the balance of outward activities and regular inward-directed activities. Through a daily discipline of inner-attention and physical exercise, you can create a more open and supple body, a mentally and physically relaxed state and a stronger resistance to disease!

Learning quiet breathing and relaxation will give you a head start for the short days and long nights of winter! The art of breathing is one of the most important and profound aspects of health. It's connected to every aspect mind, body and soul. Breathing involves both the intake of new air (energy), and the elimination of the old (that which is no longer needed). The words, "inspire" and "expire", suggest a living and dying process.....

From the first breath on your arriving on this planet to your last one when you exit! Wow! Each time we inhale it represents life, each time we exhale we die!

Deep breathing has a profound effect on every system of the body. It affects the mechanisms of the body, the digestive system and breathing are one of the foundations of good health. Your bowel habits can reflect your need for change…  "Holding on" to old habits, thoughts, and feelings causes muscular tightness, mental tension, and constipation! Worry may cause poor, shallow breathing or the holding back of proper elimination!! During any stressful period of our life the art of deep breathing is a must!

In Chinese medicine the lungs and the large intestine are the rulers over autumn. The lungs are the strong and the root of the breath. Their condition manifest itself in the skin. At rest, the average human breaths 12-15times per minute. Just as proper food is needed for energy and health, deep breathing and good air are vital to life! The large intestine is one of the main organs of elimination, clearing toxins from the body helped by the lungs , kidneys, and skin. A slowing down of the intestines may result if the diet is high in unnatural, preserved, or processed foods, or high in mucous forming foods such as meats, dairy products, sweets, and starches like bread and noodles. Also being nervous or "uptight". Then putrefaction or fermentation takes place....which is the origin of many diseases cancer being one!

A week or so of juice cleansing in early to mid autumn will give you a boost of energy and may eliminate any potential illness you have stored away. Either by flushing out excesses or improving organ functions. Your mouth and teeth are your number one agents of digestion...your teeth and gums need regular care, especially during cleansings because of the coating of the tongue. Keep this area clean with regular brushing and flossing. Don't let yesterday's meals linger between teeth and gums, that's how decay happens! Exercise, meditation, herbs such as garlic, burdock, comfrey, cayenne pepper and cascara sagrada are excellent tonics for the large intestines! Good luck! and happy autumn!