“It’s better to do one or two things in excellence,
than seven or eight things average. Focus on your focus.”
- Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

Your level of focus has everything to do, with stagnation or progression in life.
Don’t take detours to destruction, via distractions. Vision gives you clear direction,
to avoid detours and distractions altogether…stay focused! When you’re focused,
you can still find clarity, when things are cloudy.
This is your time to focus, plan, and execute your vision to perfection. Target the
goal and execute the plan. It’s better to do one or two things in excellence, than
seven or eight things average. Focus on your focus. If you only focus on the obstacle,
then you will never see the opportunity. Great opportunities are in store for
you, if you work while you wait! It’s all about perception. You can either see challenges,
as impossible or “I’m possible.” Hard work and tenacity, will make your
dream a reality.
Place the right people around you, who understand your drive and energy. They
won’t discourage you from the goal, they will encourage you to achieve the goal.
Focus on how God has blessed you, not the people that stress you. Focus on Him,
not them. Make focus your priority, not people.
There’s too much ahead, to focus on what you left behind. You’re too blessed, to
focus on what you don’t have…look at what you do have and use it! Look forward
and move forward. Your feet will propel you, in the direction where your eyes are
focused. You can’t go through life looking and walking backward, or you’ll crash
into your past. If they only knew who you were becoming, they wouldn’t focus on
what you used to be. Focus forward, what’s past is past…your future is promising.
In order to look forward, stop looking around and behind you. God’s got your
back, so goodness and mercy are always following you. Raise your faith and your
level of focus. Commit to the plan, develop action steps, and work to bring your
vision to fruition. If your mind and will is committed to it, you can’t lose. Remind
yourself that the best and blessed is yet to come.
If you keep focusing on what you don’t want, you’ll keep getting what you don’t
want. Change what you’re focusing on. In order to attain victory and cross the finish
line of our vision; it takes focus, consistency, determination, and tenacity, to
walk in your destiny. Manage your emotions, fine-tune your focus, and execute
with purpose. Go for it!

Stay Focused,

Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. is an Author, College Professor, International Speaker,
and Founder of the national literacy program, Boys 2 Books. As a bestselling
selling author of six books, he has been featured on ABC, BET, CBS, FOX
News, NBC, The Steve Harvey TV Show, and many other media outlets. Dr.
Connor speaks extensively on the subjects of education, leadership, overcoming
obstacles, and maximizing your purpose. He empowers people at churches,
conferences, community centers, and colleges, by inspiring others to succeed.