“Don’t let a setback, set you back...bounce back.” - Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

Iʼm reminded of a statement, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option.” There’s strength within you, that you havenʼt used yet...simply because the situation has not presented itself, to unveil that level of strength. The power and strength that you have on the inside, can propel you beyond what you face on the outside.

No matter how great, the odds are against you or how people have written you off, donʼt give up! Don't let a setback, set you back...bounce back! Eliminate negative self-talk, because what you say to yourself, has a greater impact on you than what people say to you. Donʼt fail to recognize that a setback, is only a setup for a comeback. Whatever your struggle or situation, overcome it and bounce back from it!

In spite of the setbacks you’ve experienced, it’s not too late to be great and it’s not too early to get started. There is a God-given gift and purpose in you. Discover, realize, recognize, and utilize it to inspire the world! No dream is unreachable, no vision is unachievable, no goal is unattainable...have the faith to work for what you believe in.

See every NO as "New Opportunity" and every place of rejection as redirection. In the process give back, so that you can help somebody move forward!

In this life, you will face challenges and endure struggle. It takes volition and an undying will to endure the storm, dark clouds, rain, and trying times of life. Never forget that the greater the obstacle, the greater the opportunity.

Don’t let negative experiences stop you or allow haters to block you. If people are throwing rocks of negativity at you, catch it and build something positive from it. Your haters are your elevators! Don’t go negative on the negative...just learn how to handle the negative, positively! You have a purpose, you have a destiny...and your destiny is greater than your history!

Your future is greater than your past, begin to follow the path to your purpose. It’s not only about what you go through, because we all go through something in life. It’s more about how you GROW through, what you GO through. Your purpose should compel and propel you to persevere. Press forward this week...because every setback is a setup for your greatest comeback!

Remember the bigger your battle, the bigger your blessing! This is not the time to breakdown, this is your time to breakthrough and bounce back from every setback!

—Dr. Eddie

Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. is an Author, College Professor, International Speaker, and Founder of the literacy/mentoring program, Boys 2 Books. As a bestselling author of six books, he has been featured on ABC, BET, CBS, FOX News, NBC, The Steve Harvey TV Show, and many other media outlets. As a survivor of stage four cancer, Dr. Connor speaks extensively on the subjects of education, leadership, overcoming obstacles, and maximizing your purpose. He empowers people at churches, conferences, community centers, and colleges, by inspiring others to succeed.