Thank God its Spring! Wake up! This is nature's birthing season—the time of creation and development!

The beginning of spring is March 21st, the time of the spring equinox, when day equals night. For the next six months day-light, the sun yang principle, will dominate our lives. This is a good time to take a look at your life and make a new plan. What do you want to clear out of your life now? And what do you want to see happen this year? This can be a new start! Take time to write a new health plan....this is the time to plant seeds.

Spring is the season of beginnings. After the rain and snow of winter, the seeds begin to sprout from the depths of the soil, tree buds, and nature awakens. New growth in our lives, relationships and work will have a quality of action, force, and energy.

The organs for the spring seasons are the liver and the gall bladder. The liver is the body's largest internal organ. While life itself depends on our lungs, heart, and circulation to bring oxygen, warmth, and nutrients to all cells in the body, the liver provides essential support to these processes, with more than a hundred known functions. We cant "live" with out it! The liver has the amazing capacity to regenerate itself after surgery, injury, or illness. The liver is the body's master laboratory. It stores and distributes nourishment for the entire body, is involved in the formation and breakdown of blood, and filters toxins from the blood. The liver (hepatic) cells make bile which aids in digestion, and stores bile in the gall bladder to be usedin the intestines for the breakdown of fatsand for enhancing the small intestine's ability to absorb fatty acids. The liver filters the blood of toxins and breaks them down for elimination.

From a natural viewpoint, when the liver is overloaded , it is less able to detoxify the blood , and poisons remain, leading to health challenges...overeating can lead to a enlarged overworked liver! Too much of any food, especially alcohol, chemicals, drugs, fried oils, sugar, and meats, can be toxic to the liver and gall bladder. The gall bladder stores and secretes bile for digestion, especially for the breakdown of fats. Improper function may cause gas and cramping in the abdomen, also pain to the shoulders and the back between the shoulder blades!

In Chinese medicine, the acupuncture system describes the circulation of energy in the body through a series of channels called " Meridians" In which our "life force", chi, flows. Each organ in the body is connected to this "life force". When "chi" is "blocked" then our organs suffer! This energy is affected by outer environment as well as thoughts and feelings. Its easy flow creates health and harmony....again its disruption or blockage, can lead to symptoms and disease! From a spiritual viewpoint, anger, hate, and fear blocks the flow....kindness, love, courage and thankfulness...increases the flow!

Fasting is a powerful tool for cleansing the liver and gall bladder. Dandelion is a good springtime healer. The leaves are good for salads, the root is a blood and kidney cleanser! It can be used as a liver tonic as well as diuretic. Dandelion is a general cleansing stimulant for the liver. The roasted root is a nice coffee substitute. Root powders which can be purchased from herbal stores or online will prove to be a great enhancement for hair, skin, eyes and a sense of wellbeing! A medicinal dose is one tablespoon per cup...three to four cups a day for a month for cleansing.....a cup a day for keeping the liver toned and healthy! Remember.....your body is your best friend...honor it, love it.....its your earth suit....soul to soul!

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