There is a voice within us that "speaks" to us everyday. That voice communicates to us thru many different platforms. Sensations in different parts of our body, thoughts that come from seemingly nowhere, conversations with people that may have the same challenges or worst challenges than you all of a sudden pop into your life. Or you read a article on health and it reveals to you what you have been seeking upon for weeks!

That "voice" has a inner knowing that helps us to integrate our inner and outer worlds. Sometimes the inner voice speaks thru inspiration and insight. Insight means to "see within”—to reflect on and become aware of your feelings and other inner senses for this particular knowledge and awareness to emerge into your consciousness.

There are many "voices” within our being that speak to us everyday. Sometimes they have a "dialogue" within your inner self... which sometimes causes conflict, confusion, and turmoil because of these voices having conflicting desires! These voices may not be vocal, they can manifest as feelings, emotions, desires, and thoughts! The true voice, the voice of "spirit”, is the king of voices. It is the voice that goes beyond your "personal" thoughts, feelings, and desires. Sometimes what we desire we don't "need" are sometimes thoughts which can be contrary to our growth, and our feelings can be so loud that we can't hear the "king"!

The king can be heard every day thru silence, prayer, and meditation. Set aside at least thirty minutes a day—Trust me, it will speak to you! Prayer is asking and speaking to the king, meditation is listening to the king, silence is the way the king gives you power to "digest" the experiences of life! We must learn how to "listen"! Everything in life is speaking, is communicating to us everyday! Thru silence we sharpen our senses; we see what can't be seen, we hear what can't be heard, we feel without touching. We taste what has no flavor… We smell what has no fragrance….