Astrology is the oldest science of art, human development, self cultivation, inner awareness and spiritual discipline known to man. It is not my position to defend the validity of Astrology, either you accept it as truth, or you don't. And that's fine with me!
For me it has been a fascinating platform, a door, to gain access to a knowledge, that's beyond the box of structured knowledge. It's the study of Nature, the human body, the universe and how we as human beings are connected. The cycles in Nature, the cycles in history, the cycles in our lives are all part of the science and art of Astrology! It has taught me how to read the " Book of Nature". The "Book of the Body" and how to "listen" to the Universe.
For nature doesn't lie, the body doesn't lie, but Humans do! Some humans have agenda when they speak their truth! There is a cycle in Astrology called mercury "retrograde". Retrograde simply describes the apparent backward motion of a planet through the zodiac or a astrological sign when the planet is observed from the earth. Basically, a faster moving planet is passing a slower moving planet, creating the illusion that the slower planet is moving backward, or retrograde. When you pass a car while driving, the car you are passing looks like it is moving backward. When you observe a faster moving train passing a slower train, the slower one appears to be moving backward, they are both moving forward, but the slower train just "looks" like it is moving backwards!
This Astrological event happens three to four times a year. Dates for mercury retrograde for the 2017 are April 9- May 3, August 12 - September 5, December 3- December 22. Astrology can be a blessing for mankind or, if some trends developing today are emphasized, a curse because it could be misused. It is the art and science of the possible, not the science of what will happen!
The planets emit electromagnetic waves that influence the mind, body and soul. The planet mercury in particular has influence on the mental process of the brain, how we process information, our perceptions, logic, cognition, the thinking mechanisms, speaking, communication and learning. From a mundane sense it influence computers, the mail, schedules, traveling, electronic devices, cellphones, anything electronic or anything that deals with communication.
It is a time to be MINDFUL of what you say or do. Contracts, agreements, and business at hand should be fully understood! It is a perfect time for meditation and reflection. Examining your inner activity, think about what you think about! Slow down your "monkey" mind! The voice of the universe is "speaking" to us......the key is the prefix "re" renew, remember, remind, regain, regenerate, reborn!
Rest your mind as much as possible during this time....Your mind will love you for it! Also.... there is a 7day period before the actual mercury retrograde called the "shadow".... and there is a "shadow" when it goes "direct"! I am a certified Astrologer who has practiced for 30 years. If you are hungry for a different perspective and want knowledge that gives you the "ammunition" you need to survive the 21st century then call me at 313-942-6697.