This month’s article features Fitness Professional Diamond Green, owner of THE BOMB FITNESS; and on a more personal level, one of my most favorite Zumba and Dance Fitness instructors and dearest friends. Diamond’s goal is to provide affordable, accessible, professional, and incredible dance fitness that encourages everyone to reach their wellness goals.

The B.O.M.B stands for Bringing.Out.My.Best. I feel this is the primary responsibility of both the Instructor and each participant. Our cardio club is a wholesome, hyped and family friendly environment”, says Diamond.

Diamond’s class is designed to motivate you to get pumped about ZUMBA Fitness and other fitness formats. The BOMB Fitness is known best for their 'sweat during the warm-up', butt-kicking, gut-busting, music-pumping, make-you-laugh while "in yo' face" jam sessions. Diamond views sweat as liquid love.

Diamond’s classes provide exercise for people of all fitness levels. She even offers a class called ‘SIT DOWN AND FACE IT’, for individuals who have limited physical abilities. She’s available for private parties, classes for schools, reunions, corporate offices, events, and fundraisers. She customizes private classes and contracted events to meet your needs and fit your budget. The Bomb Fitness aims to please.

Diamond teaches six days a week at her cardio club located at 21700 Greenfield Road, Suite LL18,Oak Park, MI (located in lower level of the Greenfield Plaza). Mondays and Fridays are 2-hour ZUMBA parties; which most her students refer to as ‘Monday Madness’ and ‘Fired up Friday’!!! You can come and go as you please or stay the entire time.

Personally speaking, we have a blast...I know I do! I’m like Michael Jordan with my tongue out while I’m dancing! I get down! ( my head LOL!) It doesn’t feel as though I’m exercising at all… Until the next the day when I can’t feel my ‘cheeks’ …and I don’t mean the ones on my face. It’s a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE, where the lights are low and you move at your own pace.

If you need a break, Diamond has made accommodations for that too. The camaraderie and support in her class is A+MAZING!!! Diamond genuinely cares and wants her students to succeed in reaching their fitness goals.

I’ve maintained a huge part of my weight loss from attending her classes for approximately the last 5 years. All I can say is, try it, and just might get hooked like I did. Due to her encouragement and support, I even became an instructor myself.

Diamond also offers Salsa Social Night, where she has professional Salsa Instructors teaching the first 45 minutes; afterwards it's open floor!!!!  You can bring a partner (not required but highly encouraged), put on your dancing shoes and burn up the dance floor. The Salsa Socials are for beginners and beyond.

“We want you to GET UP, GET DOWN, and GET LOOSE (It's okay to get funky too!) Always remember the word W.E.T.- Water, Enthusiasm, and Towel! Let's Move! I just want you to move”, says Diamond.

Diamond is also a certified BOKWA and POUND fitness instructor.

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**Call (313) 878-2211 for any additional questions and schedule information**