Nanas kitchen is a combination of things. From family tradition to originality and relativity, these are three of the main ingredients when it comes to the foundation and premise of the show. When I, Steven Sparks, first thought of the idea for the show I wanted to be able to deliver something relevant and most of all authentic . I also wanted to deliver something family based that people from all walks of life and different backgrounds could relate too. I thought to myself what could be more relative than a grandmother and grandchild cooking in the kitchen with one another?


In the first episode, we see Nana Aarolyn introducing Layla to one of her original recipes (hamburgeuler-pie). This particular recipe is one of her original favorites and she enjoys making it often as a breakfast/brunch meal for family and guests.

Initially the show didn't have any framework. Then one evening my family and I were on a long distance call with my mother-in-law. During our conversation I sharedwith my mother-in-law how involved and engaged my daughter Layla was in the kitchen. That evening while I was preparing dinner, the idea just sparked.

I asked my mother-in-law, who is also an excellent cook in her own right, how she would feel about filming her own cooking show?  Her response was one filled with intriguing excitement!  She felt it was a great idea! And found herself curious as to what I had in mind. I told her that I wanted to do something completely off the grid. Something that involved her and my daughter doing something in the kitchen together. I explained to her that everything would be done independently and that we could begin filming as early as summer 2015. She happily agreed and here we are. We've filmed 3 episodes and we launched just last month in January of 2016.  We are now in the process of pitching to a major network and very optimistic of this goal. I am also very humbled and grateful for this opportunity to be featured in Polyphony Magazine's February issue,  and look forward to a very long-lasting relationship.